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    an installation about time, patience, reflection
    Continuation of conversation 'NON'

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    Raffle ticket - NON conversation starter / necklace

    door Eva Schreuder Jewelry

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    In my atelier, you see a contemplation in the form of art. You cannot enter my studio this weekend, where I continue to work. It would be lovely if you take a moment to look inside where I continue to work further. I block your access to this installation but not your view as a call for… just a moment… time for reflection, contemplation, distance, humanity, and also for vulnerability. Being observed while I work is intimate.

    This installation is the second act after discontinuing my regular collection of commercial jewelry on April 15th, a clear “NON” that it was. The remaining jewelry has been melted - scorched earth is the most fertile - and with the material, I create new forms, and with those forms, I tell my stories.

    Over the past 5 months, I have reflected on my role as an artist, a global citizen, a mother to my daughters, the present, the past, and the future. What continued to resonate was a desire to say “NON” for a variety of reasons:
    NON to systemic injustices,
    NON to feeling powerless in climate issues,
    NON to helplessness in a straitjacket where humanity and nuances seem subordinate to numbers, convenience, and superficial prosperity
     - pause - stop - this can be different - NON
    so that afterwards I can say “yes” more wholeheartedly, freely, lovingly.

    These are my reflections of the past months, not a clear opinion, judgment, or solution, but let this installation also be a gentle plea for humanity.

    Another thought: saying no seems difficult, it seems to be inherent in human nature to be socially desirable, but still, I feel that many people suffer from saying yes too much. Is it possible that there are too many choices and opportunities, and with them, too many questions to which you might want to answer “NON” for you actually need to take a moment to think about it?

    The reflections are never-ending, and I look forward to many good discussions about what “NON” can be and what others understand about “NON,” but for now, I want to think a bit more…

    In the art form that resides in my fingers, I created a “NON,” you wear it as a necklace, this conversation piece. When you wear it, “NON” is seen, and you have an easy way to say “NON” or open a conversation about anything that is “NON.”

    “NON” is not for sale; I will raffle it. To have a chance to own a golden “NON,” you can purchase a lottery ticket. For sharing the “NON” post on Instagram once, you will receive a free ticket, let’s have this conversation together.

    But not today, today I work and think, and with warmth, I say “NON.”


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