by Eva Schreuder Jewelry


Stop looking, because you just found the perfect sustainable (Christmas)gift! This unique and timeless pendant is made from 100% recycled silver and/or gold. The material is extracted from old cell phones.

The length of the necklace is adjustable.

Nowa and Eva Schreuder Jewelry believe in circularity. That’s why we make sure that for every piece of jewelry that we sell, our partner Closing the Loop can collect, ship, and responsibly recycle waste phones from Africa. This way, these metals will be used for eternity! And therefore, YOU contribute to less e-waste worldwide.

Our collection is called Connection. It is heartfelt, handmade, and locally produced, by the wonderful Eva Schreuder. Jewelry connects people— literally and figuratively. It represents the most wonderful material result of interhuman connection. Every piece of jewelry has personal value that lies in its emotional or sentimental worth. It can refer to your memories, a special person, or to that day you never want to forget. And today, you’ll add a connection to jewelry— a conscious connection.


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